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Harry Styles Falling in 42 wallpapers

Harry Styles Falling HD Wallpaper 3
Harry Styles Falling HD Wallpaper 3

Harry’s new video called ‘Falling’ is released on YouTube yesterday. This song is so emotional, beautiful, so I thought it deserves to make some wallpapers about video. Thanks to Youtube I’ve got managed to get HD falling pictures. So here they are!

Every each Harry Style Falling Wallpaper is 1920×1074 pixel (HD) so they are all perfectly fit to your desktop, or you can play with it on your phone, iphone too!

These all 42 Falling Hd Wallpapers are downloadable free, by using save as funtion on the picture(s). Or you can download all of them with one click at the bottom of this post as zip file.

Falling lyric:

I’m in my bed
And you’re not here
And there’s no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hands
Forget what I said
It’s not what I meant
And I can’t take it back
I can’t unpack the baggage you leftWhat am I now?
What am I now?
What if I’m someone I don’t want around?
I’m fallin’ again
I’m fallin’ again
I’m fallin’What if I’m down?
What if I’m out?
What if I’m someone you won’t talk about?
I’m fallin’ again
I’m fallin’ again
I’m fallin’You said you cared
And you missed me, too
And I’m well aware I write too many songs about you
And the coffee’s out
At the Beachwood Café
And it kills me ’cause I know we’ve run out of things we can sayWhat am I now?
What am I now?
What if I’m someone I don’t want around?
I’m fallin’ again
I’m fallin’ again
I’m fallin’What if I’m…

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Here’s the official video:

Song Meaning of “Falling”

Verse 1

The song starts off with Harry Styles’ lament that he is all by himself at this juncture of his life. He looks for an excuse not to blame it on him but finds none. He knows it is time to admit his wrongs and correct himself. As he spoke with Zane Lowe, these lyrics suggest that Harry was getting worried about the person or rather the personality he was developing in to. In one hand, he blames it on the alcohol. On the other, he blames it on himself.

In the latter part of the verse, Harry seems to be talking to his ex. In the song titled “Cherry” from the album, Harry expresses his regrets for letting go of his ex-girlfriend, Camille Rowe. However, these lyrics are quite vague. But his disappointment with himself is not so vague. He asks her to forgive and forget what he told her, probably in the last encounter they had. They had such a strong connection until Harry did something unforgivable and she moved out of his life. The wounds she left behind are yet to heal.


In the chorus of “Falling,” Harry Styles continues to blame himself for all the bad things that befell him. He questions himself of the person he has become or is becoming. He fears that he will grow into someone even he himself can’t stand to be with. That is one of the worst things that could happen to an individual–you lose yourself.

He admits that he is ‘falling’ down, off his conscience, his beliefs, his identity and many more.

Verse 2

In these lyrics, Harry Styles reminisces some of the memories he had with his ex. During the latter part of their relationship, the ex-girlfriend told him that she misses the old Harry. He did not realize her words back then. But now he does.

In the second line of the verse, Harry Styles says that he writes one too many songs about her. Going on a hunch, we can predict that “Falling” is also about Camille Rowe, his ex-girlfriend with whom he broke up in July 2018.

Harry Styles Falling music Wallpaper Pack Download:

Download “harry-falling” – Downloaded 9 times – 24 MB

After download, extract the file and set wallpaper on your smartphone’s home screen or lock screen.

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