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Rotate4All site is a multi-level platform that offers an advertising service for businesses and website owners who wish to promote a product or service. Furthermore, if you want to register with the site, you’ll earn money by promoting the links on different social media and traffic exchanges. This is an excellent service for an advertiser to have their links shared on multiple platforms across the internet. This helps the business to receive more site visits, and sell more products or services.

Promoters: How Does it Work?

  1. As a promoter, you’ll be sharing the advertising links on PTC sites, manual traffic exchanges, revenue share programs, and any traceable traffic source that offers a minimum of 4 seconds response time.
  2. For the link to count as being viewed by a person, the company requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024×600 pixels.
  3. The browser frame size minimum is 700×320 pixels.

Link Share Restrictions:

  1. When sharing the links, the company doesn’t allow the links shared on:
    1. Autosurf programs
    2. Rotator-advertising services
    3. No referrer / direct visits
    4. Hidden frames
    5. Visits behind a proxy
    6. Visits behind a VPN
    7. PTP programs
    8. Mobile traffic
    9. Fake referral traffic
    10. Non-traceable traffic
    11. More than 5 visits to one link each day from the same IP address.
    12. Blacklisted domains
    13. Any visit that doesn’t meet the required screen resolution or browser resolution.

How to Earn From Sharing a Link:

  1. You can earn $0.000440 for your first unique visit. When a person clicks on the link you shared, the company credits your account.
  2. The second visit from the same IP address pays $ 0.000200 .
  3. The third visit from the same IP address pays $ 0.000100 .
  4. The fourth visit from the same IP address pays $0.000015
  5. The fifth visit from the same IP address pays $ 0.000025

Here’s the table for proof:

rotate4all earning site
rotate4all earning site

Therefore, one day, from 1 person, clicking on your link multiple times earns you $0.000473. However, if you receive multiple clicks on your link, all from the different IP address, the company calculates your earning based on the table above.

Your account is only credited if the person clicking on the link meets the company requirement for his screen resolution and browser. Furthermore, the person can’t be using a proxy server or VPN when they click on your links.

How to Earn From Surf visits:

  1. You’ll earn $ 0.000150 for each valid surf visit performed on the site.
  2. You are allowed 1000 surf visits each day.
  3. Your total earning for surf visits each day is $0.16.
  4. If your referral surfs from the site, you’ll earn $0.000032 for the surfs they complete.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Users can withdraw their earnings once they have accumulated at least $5 in their account balance.
  2. Payments are sent manually within 24 hours from request date to the address specified by the user.
  3. The current payment options are: Skrill, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney & Payeer.


This is a legitimate site and it pays people to share links and surf online. Each time one of your links shared is clicked on, the company credits your account. Furthermore, you can earn money from surfing and clicking on links from the site. The company has a referral program that increases your earning. You’ll earn a percentage of what your referrals earn on the site. Each time one of your referrals click on a link the company pays you for their work.

This is a slow earning site and you can’t earn a large amount of money each day. However, you can earn a passive income by sharing links, and clicking on other links. If you have a large referral base on the site, this helps to increase your earning. The site has been in business for a number of years and offers valid payment proof from users of the site. If you follow the rules, don’t try and cheat, and don’t share links in restricted sites, you can continue to work and earn from this site.

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